What To Talk (Or Blog) About When You Don’t Know What To Talk About

What Should You Blog Or Talk About?

Some creative business owners struggle with blogging. They don’t want to write how-to posts (they want to DO what they love, not talk about how to do it) and they don’t know what else they could possibly say that’s useful/informative/helpful to people, so they don’t know what to talk about. After all, you have to be useful/informative/helpful if you want people to read what you write, right?


Sometimes people just want to get to know you.

So if you’re a creative business owner or online entrepreneur, and you don’t know what to talk about, try doing the opposite of what all the marketing gurus say, and talk about yourself.

  • Tell us your story. Tell us why and how you got in to this work.
  • Talk about your early experiences with it and what you learned from them.
  • Tell us what you’ve loved creating and what projects had you tearing your hair out, and why.
  • Talk about what inspires you.
  • Tell us which tools are your favorite and why. (Tools are anything you use in your work – paintbrushes, fabric, hammer and nails, tarot cards, a service or software you depend on for your work, anything.)
  • Tell us who you admire and why.
  • Talk about your process.
  • Tell us about your favorite author, tv series, meal, outfit, brand of pens, etc. and why you love it/them.
  • Do one of those 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me posts.
  • You can even tell us about your dog and that cute (or frustrating) thing she did yesterday.

Havi got it totally right when she said “Be as YOU as you can stand.

People want to get to know you. So if you’re a creative online business owner and you don’t know what to talk about, talk about you!

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