Transformation Is A Slow Process (Announcing My New Direction)

The heat was unbearable.

Of course, as far as I know, the heat is pretty much always unbearable in late summer in Texas.

I knew things needed to change, but it was too hot to think. I was discouraged, frustrated, and really freaking sweaty!

Are you waiting for the magical moment where I had an epiphany and everything was magically better?

So was I.

But transformation is a slow process.

It’s one thing that leads to another, it’s little realizations adding up, it’s leaning new things, it’s everything combining together over time.

That period of “Arrrrgghhh! Everything sucks and I don’t know how to fix it!” was the incredibly uncomfortable, but also totally normal, incubation period where the seed of the idea is forming.

Your Idea Starts As A Seed

For me, the first “sprout” of my business transformation started with the idea that I was going to get this branding thing (which I knew was more than just the visuals, but I didn’t realize then just how much there was to it) figured out “once and for all!” (It’s ok, you can laugh. Even though by that point my business had evolved a few times, I still didn’t fully realize that we’re always evolving and therefore so are our businesses.)

Your Idea Will Evolve As It Grows

Once the unbearable heat started to become less unbearable, I started re-looking at all the information I had and knew of related to branding, and a fuzzy picture started to form. I finally started to understand what a brand really was and how it was created. As I was in the process of gaining this understanding, I decided to make a product to help people create their brands. I worked on this product and creating my own brand for several months. While I was working on those things I happened to have a conversation with someone and I noticed how excited I got when talking about helping people with their businesses. The realization was scary, but undeniably true – I wanted to talk with other online entrepreneurs and solo or small business owners and help them with their businesses in whatever ways I could.

I’ve always wanted to help people, but when I started out with my business the only thing I felt even slightly “qualified” to do was graphic design. And even that was stretching things. I did a lot of work for free in the beginning to gain experience and build my portfolio.

But that experience is what allowed me to get started helping other online entrepreneurs and solo or small business owners as soon as I realized I wanted to do that. (Ok, I procrastinated for a week or two, but my point is still valid.)

And now my little spout of inspiration is growing wildly into a beautiful “tree” of a business, with different branches of offerings.

Sometimes Our Ideas Branch Out More Than We Expected

And so, I present to you my new direction. I’ll be focusing more on helping people with their businesses one on one and creating some products to help you with branding, marketing, and starting your online business.

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