How To Start Tuning In To Your Intuition And Receiving Spiritual Guidance

I believe that there are two main kinds of intuition – the scientifically accepted unconscious physical/mental processing kind, and the “psychic” life/spiritual guidance kind.

This article, as you can probably guess from the title, is about the life/spiritual guidance kind.

There are many different theories about where our intuitive guidance comes from. God, Angels, Spirit Guides, our souls, our own unconscious…

Personally, I think it doesn’t really matter which of those sources we think it comes from.

What matters is that the guidance is helpful to us, and we know how to access it.

Here are some things that will get you started and help you figure out how you best tune in to your guidance.

How To Start Following Your Intution and Receiving Spiritual Guidance

Ask For Signs

Yep, it really can be that simple.

I learned about this from Gwynne Montgomery. She teaches that we can create our own language with the Universe (or whatever we consider our source of intuitive guidance to be).

“You can ask the Universe for signs and then state what you want your sign to be. For example, “If I should go for it, show me hummingbirds.” Then just let it go. Don’t actively seek the signs. If you Google hummingbirds, that’s cheating. Instead, go about your day, keeping the sign and meaning at the back of your mind, and noticing when and where it comes up. Or if it doesn’t come up at all.”  – Gwynne Montgomery

Also, keep in mind that your sign may come in a different form than you expect.

So if you’ve asked for hummingbirds to be your sign, you may hear someone talking about them, or hear a song that mentions them in one line, or see a business that has hummingbird as part of its name, or something like that rather than actually seeing a real hummingbird or an image of one.

Try Some Kind Of Divination Tool

If you’re new to this sort of thing I recommend starting with oracle cards because they’re very easy to use and you don’t really have to learn anything in order to use them.

Cards from Hanson-Roberts Tarot

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Other options include things like Tarot cards, Lenormand cards, and Runes, but these can require a bit of learning in order to actually get useful guidance from them. (There’s also the option of working with a professional reader instead of or in addition to learning divination methods yourself.)

If you’re uncomfortable with oracle cards and similar divination options, you may want to try bibliomancy instead. That’s where you ask your question and/or ask for guidance from God (or whatever you consider our source of intuitive guidance to be) and then open a book to wherever feels right and point to somewhere on the page. That sentence or paragraph is your answer. I’ve heard that sacred texts such as the Bible are great to use for this and you can easily turn your request for guidance into a prayer.

Be Open To Unexpected Guidance

Once you start trying to consciously tune in and receive spiritual/life guidance, you may start to notice certain things really resonate with you (and other things just don’t feel right), or certain themes showing up again and again. In fact, I bet those sorts of situations have happened in your life quite a few times already and you just didn’t realize they were anything significant.

Well time to start paying closer attention, because those kind of experiences are often guidance too.

Gwynne says “[being intuitive] means seeing the signs and connections everywhere” and I’m finding this to be true. I often receive guidance through things like people’s Facebook posts, blog posts, and emails. (And now scopes too!) Gwynne gets messages through just about everything including all the things I’ve mentioned plus through songs, patterns and cracks in objects, and many other ways.

All you have to do to get started with this is to notice when something resonates with you or shows up multiple times and be aware that it could be spiritual/life guidance.

Try Guided Meditations

There are a ton of different guided meditations out there with different purposes and processes. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a meditation for just about everything! Just do a search for guided meditations to connect with your soul or to connect with your spirit guides you’ll find plenty of options.

Quiet Your Mind And Ask

It’s actually possible to ask for intuitive guidance and then receive an answer in your head. And contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to mediate all the time or be naturally super psychic or anything like that in oder to do it. But you DO need to be familiar with inner work before trying this out so that you can differentiate between your ego mind and actual guidance.

Once you are able to do that, all you have to do is find a bit of privacy, sit quietly, and ask for guidance. Then listen (and pay attention to any sensations or mental pictures) for the first thing that pops up in your mind. It will likely be very short (or faint) at first, but if you trust it and keep practicing, what you get will increase. You may even start to get guidance unexpectedly (as in you weren’t specifically trying to receive guidance at that very moment) when you are in a receptive enough state. It’s just a more direct form of what I talked about in the section above about being open to unexpected guidance. As we become more and more open to seeing the messages all around us and consciously try to tune in more and more, we are more and more likely to receive messages to guide us.

You can still ask for and receive signs and guidance by paying attention, but if you want to create a more direct and clearer connection with the source of your guidance, learning to quiet down your thoughts can be a really good way to do this.

I hope these tips help you start tuning in to your intuition! They’ve certainly helped me.

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