My Favorite Teachers For Learning About Inner Work (+ a free ebook)

Inner work is a type of personal development that involves recognizing when fear, limiting beliefs, or other internal mental/emotional things are holding you back, and then doing things to work through them or change them so that you can more easily move forward with the outer work.

Technically it’s probably considered emotional processing, but I’d say doing this type of work regularly also counts as brain development because you’re slowly shifting your mental patterns in a more positive direction each time.

Many people consider inner work to be a spiritual practice as well.

There are many different ways to do this type of work.

Today I’m going to share with you three of my favorite teachers and a free e-book (written by someone else) that references the work of several other teachers. If you’re new to this kind of personal development, exploring the work of these different teachers will give you plenty to start with.

My Favorite Teachers For Learning About Inner Work

In chronological order of discovery, here are my top three favorite teachers for learning how to do inner work:

Havi Brooks

Havi BrooksHavi is delightfully fun to learn from if you enjoy her quirky style. She openly shares her personal process a lot (especially in her earlier posts), which is really helpful for getting a better idea of what inner work actually is and how to do it, but you may have to do a decent amount of browsing around her website before you start to understand her language. (There’s a glossary page that will help.)

Be prepared to start opening a million tabs if you like Havi’s style, because she has written a lot of really helpful stuff over the years.

You can find Havi’s teachings at

Andrea Schroeder

Andrea SchroederAndrea has studied Havi’s work, so you may notice a few similarities, but Andrea merges inner work with creativity and art in a big way. Her teachings frequently involve using creative journaling to work through fears and doubts, overcome obstacles, connect to your intuition, and grow your dreams.

She’s also studied art and design, spiritual and intuitive development, and even energy healing in addition to personal development/emotional healing and brings all the different things she’s learned into her work in subtle ways. She’s even accredited as a Spiritual Teacher/Healer/Counselor.

You can find Andrea’s work at

I recommend starting with her Inner Work 101 series and then checking out her free courses and blog posts on creative journaling and making dreams real.

Therese Skelly

Therese SkellyTherese’s work is MUCH more business focused than Havi or Andrea (although they do talk about business a little bit), but what she shares about muscle testing, limiting beliefs, and mindset can really apply to anything.

I haven’t gotten too in depth with Therese’s work yet, but I’ve found her free materials very useful for identifying unconscious fears and limiting beliefs. And since her style is much more simple and straightforward than Havi and Andrea, you may connect with and understand her teachings even if you don’t connect with or understand theirs.

You can find Therese’s work at

Self Coaching 101 by Brooke Castillo

I think I came across this book after someone shared it in one of the Facebook groups I’m in. In it, a woman named Brooke Castillo shares her process for managing your thoughts and working through negative emotions. She also references the work of influential teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Martha Beck and I found it interesting to see the similarities in their work.

This book is a good resource for understanding inner work. It’s not exactly fun like learning from the teachers I shared above can be, but it provides a much clearer introduction to many important concepts and provides step by step instructions for her process. I recommend at least checking it out.

In the book she says it’s available for download on her website, but all I found was a link to Amazon where you can buy the book. So, here’s the book (right click and select “Save link as…” to download) and you can find out more about Brooke Castillo at

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