Important Information

(AKA the “boring legal crap” that nobody likes.)

By reading this website, or purchasing or using a product or service from me, you indicate that you agree to the things stated on this page.

General Terms

The information on this website, as well as in my products, other content including (but not limited to) emails or any other type of communications from me, and received via any of my services, is intended to be received the same way you would receive advice from a friend – it may be helpful, but what you do with the information is up to you. You make your own choices, and you are responsible for the results of your choices. I am not liable for anything resulting from your use of the information on this website, in my products or other content, in an email or any other type of communication from me, or received via any of my services.

The information I share is NOT a substitute for consulting a legal, financial, medical, or other type of qualified professional. If you have questions about or need help with your health, finances, legal issues, or other important things, please consult the appropriate professional.

This website and all of my services, products, content, and communications are intended for adults (i.e. persons who have reached the “age of majority” as defined by your city, state, or country). Anyone who is below the legal age of adulthood (as defined by their city, state, or country) must have their parent’s/legal guardian’s permission to read my content and communications and to make any purchases.

If you are under 13 please DO NOT submit any personal information to this website.

Service Agreement

Coaching and readings are not a substitute for doing inner and outter work. I will help you as much as I can with things like finding clarity, making decisions and plans, working through fears and obstacles, and getting un-stuck, but I cannot do the work for you. YOU must take action if you want tangible progress.

If you need to reschedule a session, please let me know as soon as possible. If you frequently request rescheduling on short notice a fee may be applied to future requests. You will be notified about this before it occurs.

If you miss a session without notifying me or providing an explanation within 24 hours you will forfeit that session – no rescheduling and no refund. The only exception is for emergency situations.

If you cancel a package you will receive a refund for unused sessions/support only minus a small administration fee.

As stated in the General Terms, my services are not a substitute for consulting a qualified legal, financial, medical, or other type of qualified professional and I am not liable for the results of your choices and/or actions. You make your own choices, and you are fully responsible for the results of those choices.

According to current laws, tarot readings are “for entertainment purposes only.”

Privacy Policy

Personally identifiable information is collected when you leave a comment on a blog post, contact me, sign up for my mailing list, and/or purchase a product or service from me.

I’m not a morally deficient jerkwad, so I will never sell your information, but your information will be collected by select third parties that I use to run my business, such as email providers, payment processors, scheduling software, and communication providers. To find out what they collect and how it is used please see their privacy policies. (For up to date information on what services and software I’m using please contact me.)

I also use Google Analytics, so your use of this website may be tracked by cookies. As far as I know, it doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information – all I see is general usage statistics. This information is collected to help me improve this website and my business in order to serve you better.

Information collected by me includes, but is not limited to, your name, email address, and website url. If you would like to request changes to any of your information please contact me.

Please note that leaving a comment will automatically make your name and website url (if provided) public along with your comment. Only your email address will be kept private. Submitting a comment is considered giving consent for your comment, and (if provided) your name and website url to be published in the comments section. If you wish to comment on something without your information being published on this website, you must comment through the contact page instead.

I maintain security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access and misuse, but no exchange of data over the Internet is 100% secure. I am not liable for anything resulting from any unauthorized interception of your personal information.

I have no idea whether this website responds to Do Not Track signals or not.

Affiliate Links Policy

A few of the links on this website are affiliate links. I only use affiliate links for products and services that I personally have used and consider worthy of recommendation.

If you decide to purchase a product or service after clicking one of these links I may receive a few dollars as a thank you. Those dollars come out of the regular purchase price, they are not added to it. The price remains the same whether you click my link or go directly to the product or service website.

I certainly appreciate it when people use my affiliate links but you are always free to search for the product or service and go directly to their website if you wish.