Here’s What People Have To Say About The Experience Of Working With Me:

Coaching Feedback:

Christen McGee“I’d been wanting a coach for a while but was worried about the cost and whether it would actually help me. I’m a total introvert so I was also worried about having to actually talk to someone and whether I’d be able to communicate very well. But I am definitely getting value out of working with Sharise!

Before we started working together I was totally overwhelmed. I had so many ideas, but not enough focus, and I didn’t know how to tell what ideas were good and which to improve or discard. It has been so helpful to have someone to help me express my ideas and determine whether I should follow through and how I could do that. Sharise is always encouraging me and helping me look for solutions, and she has helped me focus on the most important priorities when I’ve been overwhelmed with everything I want to do.

Coaching has also helped give me mini-deadlines that I could use to motivate myself to get some things done and move forward toward goals. At the time of writing this I’ve been working with Sharise for 4 months. In that time I’ve created and launched my website, come up with a basic content plan for my blog, pitched two guest posts, started working on my first product, and worked with my first clients. It’s kind of surprising how much working with her has helped me get things done and move forward toward my goals.

I would recommend Sharise to anyone who is in need of more focus and help with their goals. She is positive, supportive, knowledgeable, and has a very helpful approach.”

– Christen McGee


Erin-Kurup“Before I met with Sharise, I was feeling overwhelmed by a long list of to-dos. I had a lot of “shoulds” floating around in my head about how I was supposed to be doing things, and my resistance to doing what didn’t feel right had caused me to stagnate. I wasn’t moving at all; I was stuck.

Talking to Sharise helped in several ways. First, it was so nice to hear someone say it was ok to try an outside-of-the-box approach. Second, she helped me identify a few key actions to try from the amorphous (and scary) mass of potential options I’d collected. They’re things that really feel like they’ll work with who I am, which means I’ll actually try them. That’s definitely a step in the right direction! Sharise also gave me some resources to check out that were spot on. And I have a long list of actionable, inspiring notes to work from and the permission to experiment that I’ve needed.

I think what sets Sharise apart is how well she listens. She took everything I told her about myself to heart and used it to tailor her questions and suggestions to my situation. I felt very comfortable talking to her. I never felt pressured to try something I didn’t want to try, and she never tried to foist something off on me just because it worked for other people. In a world of cookie-cutter advice, I think that’s rare.

If you’re looking for someone who can really focus in on you and help you work through a tough spot, Sharise is a great person to talk to. I get the sense she can handle pretty much any curveball you throw at her!”
– Erin Kurup


Maureen Chesus“Before my session with Sharise I was SO overwhelmed. I had all these ideas of things I wanted to do, but I felt so stuck and didn’t know how to bridge where I was and where I wanted to be. I had so many roadblocks, both real and imaginary, that were standing in my way. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to sort through all of this on my own and I really needed an outside perspective. Sharise listened REALLY well and after explaining to her where I was at, she was able to jump right in and help me with simplifying, clarifying and brushing away roadblocks I had created for myself. Through talking with her I realized that I had many more options than I thought I did, and she helped me to not stay tied to rules and parameters I’d set for myself that weren’t working for me. I had felt like I had a really complicated situation, but Sharise made me feel like it wasn’t that complicated and was feasible for me to conquer. I came out of our session with actionable items that I could start working on immediately, and felt like I was leaving with a clearer path than I started with. It’s so great to walk away from a coaching session feeling like you know what you’re doing a bit more and that maybe all these challenges weren’t as awful and difficult as you thought. 🙂

I’m confident that Sharise could help anyone. No matter what they are working on and what challenges they are having, I feel like she could help them figure out some plausible next moves that they can feel confident taking.
– Maureen Chesus


Quiana Murray “Before working with Sharise my ideas were all jumbled up inside my head. I couldn’t narrow down and pinpoint actionable steps, which left me unable to actually move forward with any of my ideas. I was concerned about my inability to properly convey what it is I needed/wanted, but it turned out that working with Sharise was like breathing life into my situation. She was super easy to talk to and her ability to get where I was trying to go, keep me focused (since I’m a multipotentialite I often get off on tangents and she was able to pull me back in without me feeling rushed), and offer insights and ideas I’d never considered was AMAZING! She was very knowledgeable and by the end of our session I was easily able to clearly plan my efforts to achieve the widest reach and best impact.

Since working with Sharise I have been able to implement a few of the suggestions she gave and move way forward. She can help guide you to the place you are trying to get to and she will get you thinking about things in such a different (but refreshing) way!”
– Quiana Murray


Sarah Louise “I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never experienced coaching before, so I was a little anxious, but Sharise was really approachable. I really enjoyed our session and felt very comfortable asking questions. Sharise listened to me and answered my questions clearly and confidently in a way that was relevant to me and my situation. She also was able to prompt areas for discussion without forcing the session’s focus.

She helped me find clarity on the approach I should take, and I felt I had a more concrete plan of action by the end of the session. And she provided tonnes of resources! This also helped a lot. 🙂 I was surprised by the sheer wealth of resources she was able to offer!

I would definitely recommend Sharise’s coaching services. Her down-to-earth and friendly manner makes it easy to ask questions without feeling stupid, and her advice isn’t motivational fluff – it’s honest, practical, and helps clarify any confusion. Plus she speaks with a confidence that makes you feel like you’re in good hands!”
– Sarah Louise


Benjamin Jenks “Before my session with Sharise I was overwhelmed, wondering if the plan I had was good and confused about where to start. I’ve worked with coaches before who unknowingly let their egos get in the way and become judgmental if I don’t love their advice so I was a little nervous, but Sharise is not like that at all. She is a good listener and has a sort of peaceful, calming energy about her. She helped me clear my head and sort through the overwhelming options, create a plan I felt good about, and gently guided me to take action. Now I’ve got my personal website back up and rolling and I have more confidence in my plans. I would recommend Sharise to people who are looking for clarity, help setting up a plan, confidence, and encouragement to take action.
– Benjamin Jenks


Delisa Carnegie“I decided to talk to Sharise because I felt like I didn’t know what to do anymore. I had tried so many things and didn’t seem to make any sort of progress and was really bummed out. She wasn’t “coach-y” and talked to me more like a friend instead. I felt like things were geared toward me and I wasn’t being made to fit into some type of formula or something.

I was surprised about the progress. I always expect everything to fail at whatever it is meant to do, but working with Sharise has gotten results other things haven’t. She’s helped me really grasp my Big Why. I don’t feel so down now and I think I can make better choices. I really liked that she wanted things to feel easy for me. Nothing she suggested was too big or too stressful. If you’re feeling stuck, you should talk to Sharise!
– Delisa Carnegie


Temmy Ola Sharise was really great and easy to talk to. She is very passionate about helping people, and she connected with me on a deep level. I would definitely recommend her.

There is so much crap out there. Having a coach who understands what you do and personalizes their suggestions for you instead of using some sort of template or generic advice will definitely bring results.
– Temmy Ola


“I had ideas floating round in my head that were starting to come together and I was getting to the point of wanting to turn them into something a bit more solid. I felt optimistic but cautious. I was worried about not taking action and about killing my enthusiasm by launching into it too much (opposite fears).

I wasn’t sure if Sharise had any expertise or background in this stuff but I wanted someone to talk through my ideas with. She helped me to see my idea in its simplest form (confidence for shy girls) and explaining things to her made me see that I have quite a clear, well-developed vision. I guess that means Sharise gave me confidence in my idea. She pointed out that my brand needs to be confident, which is key, but something I hadn’t considered. She also came up with a tagline I might use and suggested building anticipation before launching anything, which I want to do but hadn’t really given much thought to. Sharise is a great person to talk things through with. She is very good at listening and suggesting ideas and she brought up lots of different aspects to consider. By suggesting alternative ways of approaching things, she made me realise why I want to do things the way I want to do them, which is great to know.

Talking to Sharise helped me to get started right away. Before taking to her I had a few ideas, but wasn’t really sure how to turn them into something more solid. Now I feel more confident about my vision, and feel that I know what I’m doing.
– Joanna Moore


Nayvary “I was feeling stuck on an assignment for a course I am taking. I had something on paper but wasn’t feeling like it was specific enough. The questions from the course I am taking just got me more stuck! Instead of pushing and asking me more questions to feel more stuck, Sharise was patient and honest about what I really need and she asked some questions that made the picture come to life for me. I liked Sharise’s laid back coaching style. She was nice to talk to and I felt like she really wanted to help me.

I would recommend Sharise because she really helped me move forward. Before talking to her I was stuck. I didn’t move forward. Being stuck cost me money. For me to solve this problem and move forward was very important. Sharise helped me solve it.”
– Nayvary Soeterboek-Angila


Gina PalhaBefore my session with Sharise my self-esteem was a bit low + I was feeling lost on my voice as a blogger, all because I re-branded my business and my blog and came to a place that I didn’t know what to blog about. Having a different person, that does not know me personally, help me find my way back to my voice was simply great. Plus, I was able to get out of my own bubble and see everything in a new way. I’m slowly coming back to what resonates with my voice + my heart. And everything because I looked to my business in a different (more distant) vision with the help of Sharise.

She was patient + supportive, and her willingness to help + truly listen & how she looked at my brand + website in a different way was a nice surprise. She helped me think things through + showed me new directions + ideas. Sharise is a truly helping soul, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach that really listens + understands the inner workings of a creative voice + helps think things through with a different vision + approach!
– Gina Palha

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Design Feedback:

Sarah O'Leary“Somebody up there was looking out for me when (frustrated with my lame Photoshop skills in designing a header) I stumbled across Sharise.

I thought I could pull this thing off myself – setting up my own web site / blog and designing a logo. Turned out I was wasting hours and hours trying to figure out the design part. Once Sharise came on the scene I could focus on what I do best, trusting that the design would be true to my vision.

I was on a tight timeline and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to work with a designer. But Sharise came through for me with flying colors! After a just a few email exchanges she presented me with some sweet options for a logo design, and over the course of a few short weeks I had an awesome header and logo for my site. These are components I can use in all my marketing materials – online and off. And speaking of colors – if it hadn’t been for her knowledgeable suggestions I doubt I would have pulled off the site’s cohesive color scheme.

I had a vision for the design of my site – but not the slightest idea or expertise of how to get there. Thanks to Sharise I now have a web site I can be proud of, one that garners compliments and enthusiastic responses. And talk about staying on top of communication! I never had to wait long for a response to my questions and I soon grew confident that I would meet my launch deadline. If you’re looking for a designer that is responsive plus talented, look no further!

Thanks again Sharise!” – Sarah O’Leary, Holistic Hot Sauce


Sharise is awesome to work with. I really liked that she listened to my concerns & ideas.”
– Delisa Carnegie


Oliver Danni GreenWorking with Sharise was an absolute delight. It was like she knew exactly what was in my head and turned it into the perfect design, even more spectacular than I could have imagined! I am constantly getting compliments from readers on the header she designed for me. Her art has breathed new energy in my blog, inspiring me to write more all the time…how could I resist writing in it when it looks so fabulous?

In addition to being a brilliant artist, Sharise was consistently a pleasure to work with — great communication skills, overwhelming generosity of spirit, and overall a wonderful human being to get to know. I would definitely come to Sharise again with graphic design needs in the future, and very much hope for the opportunity to work with her again!”
– Danni Green,


Ellie Di Julio “In the middle of working on The Headologist in its brand-spankin’-new stage, I suddenly realized I’d need help devising the perfect header image for the project. I’m not a designer and bemoaned my lack of Photoshop savvy. But then in swooped Sharise! She took my pitiful MSPaint-esque drawings and turned them into exactly what I had in mind. Simple, clear, and clean – the perfect design.

And so in touch, this one! Sharise kept up constant contact during the surprisingly painless process, making everything loads easier. Between her cheerful attitude and quick turnaround time, I felt both involved in my commission and dang happy with the work. Need a designer? Keep your eye on this one.
– Ellie Di Julio,


David BishopI love Sharise’s work and I appreciate her dedication to detail and the hours of hard work perfecting things. She’s fucking awesome! I don’t know what I would do without her.”
–David Bishop, Owner of BS Proz Audio Production Company

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Intuitive Reading Feedback:

“Sharise’s readings are spot on. And I’m not just saying that either. Her readings have been almost scary accurate and they were all very helpful and insightful!!!”
– K.K.


“The reading was accurate and really gave me some good information and steps to follow.”
– R.L.


“The tarot reading Sharise did feels like it’s really applicable to my situation right now. It feels pretty spot-on, and just reading through gave me some clarity. :)”
– L.W.

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