Example Reading: End Of Year Reading For 2015

Example Tarot Reading: End Of Year Reading For 2015

Cards from Hanson-Roberts Tarot © U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

First row: Main lessons from 2015 in the areas of health/self care, career/business, relationships, and spiritual/personal growth

Second row: Main things to know or do to make 2016 a great year in the areas of health/self care, career/business, relationships, and spiritual/personal growth

Main Health/Self Care Lesson From 2015 – Page of Swords

The first thing that comes to mind for this is standing up for yourself, being “on guard” (alert) and protecting yourself. She’s suspiciously watching something in the distance and it looks like she doesn’t intend to actually swing that sword unless she has to, so you’ve probably been avoiding conflict this year. I’m drawn to her big fuzzy hat and the dark clouds in the sky – I feel like this symbolizes protecting your mind in the midst of stormy “weather” (conflict, trouble, difficult times, etc.).

I notice that her head and body are facing different directions and it feels like there may have been some internal conflict as well, maybe some kind of difference in opinion between your head and your heart, a conflict between what is logical and what you truly want.

I also notice that her heart area is covered (blocked) by her arm. It feels like protecting yourself has been your main health/self care lesson this year.

Main Career/Business Lesson From 2015 – Two of Pentacles

I feel like balance is the main lesson here, and possibly finding inner peace in relation to money.

“Leaning to dance with the flow of life” comes to mind.

It feels like there may have been some conflict, something to do with letting go of the old, but it looks like you’ve found out what kind of work brings you peace and happiness this year and I feel like the money will start to flow if you stay in your joy and release your attachment to making money from it. Focus on what makes you happy, focus on love, creativity, spirituality, and staying in “flow” and release attachment to specific monetary results and this will lead you in the right direction.

Main Relationships Lesson From 2015 – Knight of Cups

The first thing that comes to mind for this card is “you’re not anyone’s knight in shining armor – it’s not your responsibility to “save” other people”. The Knight of Cups tends to be kind of an emotional warrior, kind, compassionate, wanting to do good things and help those he loves. I get the sense that you feel like you haven’t been very successful at this in 2015 and may be disappointed about that. Don’t be – again, it’s not your responsibility to “save” other people. Each of us must learn how to “save” ourselves and heal our own lives.

Plus I’m getting the message that you have a much bigger mission. I feel like it’s spiritual in nature, and something to do with messages. In this card the knight wears a helmet with wings on it which I believe symbolizes Mercury – the messenger of the Gods. You are here to bring through spiritual messages that help heal the world. Don’t let disappointment or feeling “not good enough” hold you back because it’s time to spread your wings and fly!

Main Spiritual/Personal Growth Lesson From 2015 – Four of Cups

This card usually represents being disappointed with your choices and/or overlooking an option to me, but in this case I think it means you’ve been learning to NOT overlook options. It feels like you’ve been learning to see not just what is immediately in front of you, but also the “unseen”.

I’m drawn to the pine cones above the person’s head… Pine cones symbolize the pineal gland, the Third Eye, and spiritual illumination. I feel like there has been a lot of spiritual growth for you this year, but you may still be a little too focused on the material world and a little too wrapped up in your emotions. You’re very close to Spirit though, you just have to remember to “look up”, or in other words, to choose where you place your focus. Keep growing. You’ve got this!

Main Thing To Know Or Do To Make Health/Self Care Great In 2016 – Ace of Rods

Action, focus on your goals, and beginning a new journey are the first things that come to mind for this. I feel like your goal of moving to [place] will come to fruition in 2016 and this will create a foundation for better health.

This card feels very much like overcoming or rising above challenges and having a fresh new start. The main message seems to be to stay focused on your goals and keep taking action to achieve them. I’m hearing “it’s time to shine”.

Main Thing To Know Or Do To Make Career/Business Great In 2016 – Seven of Swords

The first thing that comes to mind here is hoarding ideas. The person in the card looks smug and a bit mischievous. I feel like you will have lots of ideas, maybe even more ideas than you know what to do with, in 2016. I feel like you must be discerning – take action on your best ideas and leave the rest for another time, don’t take on more than you can handle.

I’m hearing “share your ideas, collaborate, ideas for the greater good”. This may mean that ideas which involve others or will help many others may be the ones you want to work on first.

I’m also getting “don’t be stingy – there’s more where that came from” which may indicate needing to share your ideas or ask others for help implementing them without being afraid that they will take your ideas for themselves. Collaboration could be a strong theme here.

(Note: This is NOT the traditional meaning of the Seven of Swords!)

Main Thing To Know Or Do To Make Relationships Great In 2016 – Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is one of the major mother figures in Tarot. She’s the Earth mother, very lush, prosperous, and loving. I feel like your home life and relationships will bloom in 2016. I’m feeling lots of prosperity and love and happiness. I’m hearing “just be you”. It looks like this will be a very good year in the area of relationships for you.

Main Thing To Know Or Do To Make Spiritual/Personal Growth Great In 2016 – Three of Cups

Community. I feel like your spiritual and personal growth will come from relationships and being involved with some kind of community this year. This could be any kind of community, but I get the sense that a “sisterhood” or group of like-minded women could be the main type (or one of the main types) of community for you in 2016.

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