Example Reading: 2016 Forecast

For this reading I pulled 2 cards for each month – one card for the theme of the month and one card for advice on what to do or focus on each month.

Example Tarot Reading: 2016 Year Forecast

Cards from Hanson-Roberts Tarot © U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

January – The Fool + 3 of Rods

The theme for January is new beginnings, faith, taking chances, living in the moment, embracing risk. it’s a fresh new start to do all the things you have been dreaming of. You’re ready to get out there and have an adventure, and have faith that it will be fantastic!

The three of rods is about exploration, leadership, foresight, creative visualization and collaboration, and waiting for the results of your actions. You are launching the seeds of your future – have patience, you will see results in time. Keep an eye on your goals for the future, but be in the present moment when you are creating it. Know what is yours and what is not yours to do.

February – The Chariot + 10 of Swords

The chariot is about direction, drive, focus, balance, and self control. It looks like you will be very focused and driven this month. Just be sure to maintain your balance on your path to success.

The ten of swords is about endings – old ways of thinking, old conversations, old issues, old worries – but can also speak of martyrdom, victim mentality, and burning out. Watch your energy this month – balance is important so you don’t burn out from your relentless drive to succeed. There could be a big conflict this month. Stay focused on your ultimate goals, and be grateful for the passing of the old even if it is painful.

March – 5 of Pentacles + The Sun

The five of Pentacles represents hard times, bad health, rejection, change in material circumstances, seeking help, and learning lessons. It looks like this could be a rough month.

The advice of The Sun is to focus on joy, vitality, energy, confidence, greatness, and enlightenment. Keep your inner world joyful and full of positivity and energy even when outside circumstances do not match that.

April – Strength + 10 of Cups

Strength is about inner strength, patience, persuasion, and/or gently taking control of a situation. It is about that inner calm, peace, and love that lets you things that other people may think are amazing but to you they are just the right thing to do. It is the card of doing what you know is right and staying centered in your own personal serenity even if others think you are crazy.

The ten of cups represents joy, peace, family, good times (“the best it’s going to get”), and moving to the next level. Focus on your vision for the future and what brings you joy in the moment. This will help with maintaining your inner strength.

May – The Lovers + 8 of Pentacles

The lovers is about relationships and sexuality, but also personal beliefs, values, ethics, morals, and following your heart. I’m feeling the theme here is about comforting and supporting the one you love, and trusting in divine assistance.

The 8 of Pentacles is about dedication, working diligently, training, building skills and/or prosperity, and paying attention to details. This is a month to work hard and put your all into what you are doing.

June – Ace of rods + 9 of Swords

The ace of rods is about inspiration, creativity, passion, enthusiasm, confidence, and taking action. It can also represent anger or drama, but I’m feeling new beginnings as the main theme here. There could be some explosiveness and anger, but I get the feeling those sparks could be a form of fuel to take action on new ideas.

The 9 of swords represents worry, guilt, anguish, overwhelm, freaking out, and overthinking things. Clearly this is a warning to not get too wrapped up in fears and worries and overwhelm. I’m hearing self-care is important, don’t let your mind take you to dark places.

July – 9 of Pentacles + The Hermit

The nine of Pentacles is about stability, independence, self reliance, contentment, and feeling complete. It is often a card of personal success and satisfaction. What I’m getting from the image this time is the woman telling her guides (the bird) how awesome they are for helping her get to where she wanted to be. It looks like this month holds the potential for quite a bit of fulfillment, prosperity, and joy.

The Hermit is a card of introspection, spiritual searching, solitude, and giving and/or receiving guidance. I feel like this is a recommendation to take some time to reflect on how your spiritual connection got you to where you are today, and maybe also how you can be a guide for others.

August – The Wheel of Fortune + 10 of Pentacles

The Wheel of Fortune represents the cycle of life and the higher qualities that help us navigate it. It often represents destiny or some kind of turning point, and I feel like turning point is the theme here.

The 10 of Pentacles is about success, affluence, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. It feels like advice to enjoy what you have achieved so far and let the pride and joy of your accomplishments fill you up and renew your energy.

September – Knight of Pentacles + reversed Knight of Rods

The night of Pentacles is dependable, loyal, thorough, practical, and hardworking. Slow and steady work seems to be the theme for this month.

This is reinforced by the reversed Knight of rods – a warning against rash and impulsive action.

October – 4 of Pentacles + The Star

The four of Pentacles is about possessiveness, control, hoarding and miserly behavior, and fear of change. It represents holding tightly to what you’ve got because you fear loss of security and stability.

The star is about hope, refreshment and renewal, inspiration, serenity, calm, and generosity. I feel like the message here is one of faith and trust and letting things flow – trust in the unlimited abundance of the universe. Remember that you are blessed beyond imagination, you just must open your eyes and see it.

November – 2 of Swords + King of Rods

The two of swords is a card of self trust and making decisions. Some say it represents avoidance or conflicting thoughts or the ability to see both sides of an issue, but I see it as a card of having faith in oneself to make the right choices. Trusting in how one feels and what one senses rather than thinking too much about what the “right” choice is.

The King of Rods looks a bit weary, like he’s reached the end of a long, hard journey and is reflecting on the work and courage it took to get there. He knows there is more work ahead of him but he is much better prepared now to move on to the next level. This month remember to trust yourself because everything you’ve done and learned along your path has brought you here to this very moment and you can draw upon these skills and experiences to continue to move forward.

December – Death + 8 of Rods

I always like to think of the death card as the transformation card – letting go of the old and that which does not serve us anymore in order to prepare for new beginnings. It represents endings, but endings must happen in order for new beginnings to come. It feels like this will be a month of big transitions.

The 8th of rods is often a card of swift action, determination, and direction, but in this deck I often see it as a card of blocked action because the wands are pointing downward as if they are blocking that path. I’m getting the feeling though that this time it’s more about coming out of the forest of trials and emerging into a beautiful meadow, as if most of the super difficult stuff is over, and although there is still more work ahead it will be much less scary and difficult and much more about joyfully building what you came here to build.

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