What’s Your Emergency Plan For Your Business?

There was a pretty scary storm a few days ago, and it got me thinking. If something had happened to me, how would that affect my clients?

It would seem like I’d just disappeared. And, oh no! Would my clients who have automatic payments set up have to keep paying? (Turns out no, they don’t.)

I hope nothing bad will ever happen to you, me, or anyone we know, and to be honest, I hate talking about the possibility of something happening. But the entire purpose of my business is to help you by sharing my knowledge and experience. So even though this is an uncomfortable topic, I’ve got to bring it up.

What's Your Emergency Plan For Your Business?

Who will tell your clients what’s happened so it doesn’t seem like you disappeared?

What happens with your clients’ payments?

What happens with your business?

What about any unfinished projects you’re in the middle of?

Yes it’s uncomfortable to think about, but it’s a business responsibility just as much as taking care of yourself is.

(I should start a series. Business responsibilities you didn’t know were business responsibilities.)

So take a few minutes today to think about the questions in this post and put together an emergency plan for your business.

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