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TeachYou’ve probably heard that working with a coach can make dealing with challenges much easier and even accelerate your progress.

It’s true.

A good coach will…

  • Listen deeply.
  • Ask questions that make you think.
  • Help you sort through your jumbled thoughts to figure out what you really, truly want.
  • Encourage you to dream up the greatest possible vision for yourself that you can AND help you turn that vision into practical plans.
  • Help you stay focused and maintain motivation.
  • Encourage you to do your best, while also respecting your capacity, needs, and natural cycles.
  • Observe your patterns and notice where you might be unconsciously sabotaging yourself, then gently bring those things to light so they can be changed.
  • Help you deal with obstacles, work through fears, and get unstuck when needed.
  • And more!

It’s kind of like having a “professional best friend” who is deeply devoted to you becoming your best self and achieving all of your goals and your most heart-aligned dreams.

And if you immerse yourself deeply into the coaching process, you will grow internally – becoming a stronger, more determined, more aligned, and more confident version of you – in addition to making external progress.

What It’s Like To Work With Me

Coaching with me is pretty customized. If you’ve worked with me before you already know this. Longer-term coaching is a bit different from having a single session here and there though. You get the same focused advice and help that you get in single sessions, plus a whole lot more.

It’s often much more holistic (even if you’re only working on one project or goal, each area of life affects all the others so we’ll talk a little more about your life in general than we do in single sessions), and I’ll want to know your overall vision for your life and your work to be sure your specific goals and projects are leading you to what you truly want.

I’ll encourage you to stretch and grow and try things, but I won’t push too hard and will never make you feel bad about not accomplishing something. (I’d much rather go straight to figuring out why you didn’t achieve what you wanted and how to adjust things so that you will eventually achieve it, or achieve it next time, or if that was even what you actually wanted in the first place.)

You’ll get assistance working through fears, blocks, and obstacles as they come up (which can help you move forward much faster and more easily), and we will also go much deeper over time as we uncover your patterns and explore the roots of different issues so you can overcome them.

Are you ready to move forward with your goals and dreams?

I’d love to help.

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How This Works:

After you click the Let’s Get Started button you’ll be taken to a form where I’ll ask you to tell me about your goals/dreams, challenges, and what you’d like in a custom coaching package. Then we’ll set up a time to talk and make sure we’d be a good fit. If so, we will figure out any remaining details and then start working together!

What People Say About Working With Me

Christen McGee“I’d been wanting a coach for a while but was worried about the cost and whether it would actually help me, but I am definitely getting value out of working with Sharise!

Before we started working together I was totally overwhelmed. I had so many ideas, but not enough focus, and I didn’t know how to tell what ideas were good and which to improve or discard. It has been so helpful to have someone to help me express my ideas and determine whether I should follow through and how I could do that. Sharise is always encouraging me and helping me look for solutions, and she has helped me focus on the most important priorities when I’ve been overwhelmed with everything I want to do.

Coaching has also helped give me mini-deadlines that I could use to motivate myself to get some things done and move forward toward goals. At the time of writing this I’ve been working with Sharise for 4 months. In that time I’ve created and launched my website, come up with a basic content plan for my blog, pitched two guest posts, started working on my first product, and worked with my first clients. It’s kind of surprising how much working with her has helped me get things done and move forward toward my goals.

I would recommend Sharise to anyone who is in need of more focus and help with their goals. She is positive, supportive, knowledgeable, and has a very helpful approach.”

– Christen McGee


Temmy Ola Sharise was really great and easy to talk to. She is very passionate about helping people, and she connected with me on a deep level. I would definitely recommend her.

There is so much crap out there. Having a coach who understands what you do and personalizes their suggestions for you instead of using some sort of template or generic advice will definitely bring results.
– Temmy Ola


Benjamin Jenks “I’ve worked with coaches before who unknowingly let their egos get in the way and become judgmental if I don’t love their advice so I was a little nervous, but Sharise is not like that at all. She is a good listener and has a sort of peaceful, calming energy about her. She helped me clear my head and sort through the overwhelming options, create a plan I felt good about, and gently guided me to take action. Now I’ve got my personal website back up and rolling and I have more confidence in my plans. I would recommend Sharise to people who are looking for clarity, help setting up a plan, confidence, and encouragement to take action.
– Benjamin Jenks


Quiana Murray “Before working with Sharise my ideas were all jumbled up inside my head. I couldn’t narrow down and pinpoint actionable steps, which left me unable to actually move forward with any of my ideas. I was concerned about my inability to properly convey what it is I needed/wanted, but it turned out that working with Sharise was like breathing life into my situation. She was super easy to talk to and her ability to get where I was trying to go, keep me focused, and offer insights and ideas I’d never considered was AMAZING! She was very knowledgeable and by the end of our session I was easily able to clearly plan my efforts to achieve the widest reach and best impact.

Since working with Sharise I have been able to implement a few of the suggestions she gave and move way forward. She can help guide you to the place you are trying to get to and she will get you thinking about things in such a different (but refreshing) way!”
– Quiana Murray


Delisa Carnegie“I decided to talk to Sharise because I felt like I didn’t know what to do anymore. I had tried so many things and didn’t seem to make any sort of progress and was really bummed out. She wasn’t “coach-y” and talked to me more like a friend instead. I felt like things were geared toward me and I wasn’t being made to fit into some type of formula or something.

I was surprised about the progress I made. I always expect everything to fail at whatever it is meant to do, but working with Sharise has gotten results other things haven’t. I don’t feel so down now and I think I can make better choices. I really liked that she wanted things to feel easy for me. Nothing she suggested was too big or too stressful.

If you’re feeling stuck, you should talk to Sharise!
– Delisa Carnegie


“A Coach is your partner in achieving your personal goals,

your champion during turnaround,

your trainer in communication and life skills,

your sounding board when making choices,

your motivator when strong actions are called for,

your unconditional support when you take a hit,

your mentor in personal development,

your co-designer when developing an extraordinary project,

your beacon during stormy times,

your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own,

and most importantly:

your partner in living the life you know you’re ready for,

personally and professionally.”

– Thomas Leonard

That is what I want to be for you.

And, it’s what I want to help you become for yourself.

Coaching is essentially about helping you get from where you are to where you want to be, and helping you overcome any challenges and obstacles between here and there.

But if you really dive in, and you fully embrace your potential for growth, coaching can be really transformational.

You can grow into a stronger, more determined, more aligned, and more confident version of you as you accomplish your goals and projects as well as learning how to coach yourself along the way so that you can keep growing even when you’re not working with a coach.

If you’re ready to accelerate your progress and commit to your personal growth, I’m here to help you.

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