Hi! I’m Sharise.

Sharise MershonI’m here to help you…

  • find the answers, clarity, and guidance you seek,
  • turn your ideas and desires into clear plans,
  • stay focused and motivated,
  • deal with challenges and obstacles,
  • and overcome fears, unconscious blocks, and limiting beliefs,

…so you can accomplish your goals and dreams and create the life you truly want for yourself!

But I’m not one of those “I was unsatisfied with my well paying job so I invested a few thousand dollars in learning how to coach people and now my life is amazing and sparkly and perfect” coaches.

The path that lead me to this work has been full of challenges and struggles. There have been times where I’ve wondered what the point was and almost gave up. I’ve been trained by LIFE – and my tuition has been paid in blood, sweat, and tears in addition to money.

My Story

I grew up on a ranch in the mountains in Hawaii. While other kids were playing with their siblings and neighbors, watching TV, or playing video games, I was playing by myself, following the adults and animals around, or learning something new. I did get to watch a little bit of TV, but there weren’t any other kids around for me to play with and I don’t think I figured out what video games were until I was about 10 years old. When I started preschool I was already starting to read short sentences while the other kids were just starting to learn the alphabet. I didn’t just look different from most of the other kids, my whole life was different. After a few years of being ridiculed by my classmates, I finally realized that there was no way I was ever going to be able to fit in and began to get quiet and try to hide instead. I figured it was better to be an outcast who is ignored than one who is made fun of.

Luckily, as a teenager I started going to an awesome school where I actually made some friends. But even though I was no longer an outcast, I still struggled with feeling like I was abnormal and would never truly fit in with any group. This lead to my first experiences with depression, disordered eating, and self harm – problems which all continued into my twenties.

And of course becoming an “adult” brought on a whole new set of challenges. Getting to be independent and do all kinds of new things was fun at first, but I made a few not-so-great relationship choices, started experiencing financial problems, and my college plans got derailed three times in a row. I ended up working full time in a stressful customer service job. It was enough to pay my bills, but left me with very little time, money, and energy to do anything else.

This was NOT the life I wanted to have.

Things began to get better when I met the man who would become my life partner. Thanks to his unconditional love and support, I started trying to become healthier and began spending more time exploring my interests. Now that I was no longer spending all my time and energy just trying to get through each day, I was able to start thinking about possibilities for the future. Maybe I could go back to school, or turn my digital art and design hobby into a freelance career, or start reading tarot professionally, or…

Then we moved.

CamperTo say things didn’t go as planned is a huge understatement. We ran into a ton of problems, including our car breaking down, and instead of finding great jobs and buying a nice house on a spacious property we ended up living in an overpriced camper a few miles away from a super tiny town struggling to find jobs as we quickly ran out of money.

It felt like we had taken a leap towards a better life and fallen flat on our faces. 

The next four years included me getting so depressed that I almost chose to commit suicide, lots of financial challenges, my boyfriend getting into a bad car accident, one of our dogs passing away, and two different attempts to start an online business. (Don’t get me wrong, there were quite a few good points and positive experiences as well, but the majority of what I’ve learned came from the mistakes and challenges so that’s what I’m focusing on here.) I also spent a LOT of time studying business, graphic design, and personal development.

I knew that I loved helping people and that was what I truly wanted to do, but how could I possibly help others achieve what they wanted in their lives when my own life wasn’t anything like I wanted it to be yet? I was so focused on the failures I’d experienced and how far I still was from accomplishing my goals, that I wasn’t even thinking about how much I had already overcome.

Then, after four long years of struggles and challenges, an opportunity to move finally showed up, and even though it wasn’t where we actually wanted to go, it would at least get us much closer.

After we moved things started to really shift.

Near the end of that period of intense personal growth I had begun diving back in to my life-long interests of spirituality, astrology, and tarot reading which lead me to learning more about intuitive development. And after we moved I began tuning in to my intuition on a level I hadn’t even realized was possible before.

Over the next year, the “dots” of all my various ideas, interests, and life experiences began to connect more and more and I started to become aware of exactly how much I had learned and grown and changed throughout my life. (Sometimes I think I’ve learned more before age 30 than a lot of people do in their entire lives.)

I used to think that sometimes things are good and sometimes things are hard, and that’s just the way life was. And there is some truth to that – I don’t think I know anyone who’s life is 100% free of challenges – but I’ve learned that there doesn’t have to be so much struggle and confusion and pain along with the challenges. I’ve learned that we can learn how to manage our thoughts, so that we can feel better even if our situation hasn’t changed yet. And that we can learn to tune in to intuitive guidance to find out what our best next steps are, so that we don’t feel so lost. And that no matter how lost and stuck and isolated we may feel, we’re actually still just as supported by and connected to the Divine as we have always been, and we can increase that connection and support by learning to tune in to it and recognize it.

I’ve also learned a ton about planning, productivity, business, and making changes.

And I want to share my knowledge with you to help you improve your life without going through all the struggle and pain that I did.

What It’s Like To Work With Me

Rose Trelis Porch A lot of my clients comment on how easy I am to talk to, how well I listen, and how comfortable they feel talking to me. I’ve even been told that I have a sort of peaceful, calming energy. This could just be because I’m an introvert, but I like to think it’s because I’m a pretty open minded person and have had my own experiences with many different life challenges.

Of course it could also be the extremely customized nature of my readings and coaching. I will make suggestions and recommend resources when it seems appropriate, but ultimately, I want to find out what works best for YOU. Everyone is different. What works great for one person might not work for another. We’ll work together to uncover the answers and create the plans that are right for YOU.

I want you to come out of every coaching session feeling clearer and more focused than you were when you came in, and I’ll call upon a variety of knowledge and skills to achieve that.

Would You Like Some Help?

If you’re struggling with a specific problem, obstacle, or challenge right now, I invite you to learn more about how I can help you uncover the answers you need to move forward.

For more in depth help with going for your dreams and making big life changes, I offer customized coaching packages.

You’re also welcome to join me in Dreamers Becoming Doers – a private group on Facebook where you can get some free help and support as you work on your goals, projects, and big dreams.
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More About Sharise

My friends and family would describe me as being smart, creative, sensitive, and weird but still pretty awesome. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

My clients would say that I’m easy to talk to, I listen really well, and I helped them get clear and take action.

Remember earlier when I talked about studying graphic design? Well I’ve actually been creating in one way or another since I was a toddler. I even won an award for art during my senior year of high school. Painting, photography, and graphic design are some of my favorites.

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time throughout my life studying religions, spiritual and intuitive practices, personal development, business, marketing, and productivity in addition to art and graphic design. Yep. I’m a multipotentialite. I tend to dive in and soak up information like a sponge when something interests me, and I get interested in a lot of different things, so I’ve developed a variety of knowledge, skills, and experiences as well as the ability to look at things from multiple perspectives.

I guess I’m becoming a bit of a geek too. I seem to be a bit more tech savvy than most people, and I do have a bit of a secret love for Sci-Fi shows/movies and computer games.

I’m also an introvert and a HSP (someone who is sensitive to sensory input and takes in more than the average amount of stimuli), so I spend a lot of time observing and processing things. These traits, combined with my multipotentiality (and probably my creativity) have allowed me to develop deep insights and understandings about myself and others. They have also lead to me learning to tap into my intuition and spirituality more, which seems to be speeding up my growth and learning in many ways.

And I’m here to help you grow and learn as well.

You can find my free articles and resources on this page here, get a bit of free help and support by joining Dreamers Becoming Doers, and get to know me even more by connecting with me on social media.

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Welcome to my world!

~ Sharise