15+ Websites to Find Free Photos

Are you using Google Image Search to find pictures to use on your blog or for your business? A search engine like Google may be good for finding information, but it could lead to trouble if you use it to find graphics and photos.

Search engines find images the same way they find information―by searching all over the internet! This means that all of the pictures in the image search results belong to someone. Besides the fact that it’s not nice to use someone else’s stuff without permission, you could get in a ton of trouble for using a copyrighted image.

Try looking for pictures on one of these sites instead.

15 Websites To Find Free Photos

(Important Note: Always double check the terms/license info before you download or use an image.)

No Account Required to Download Images:


Pixabay has over 900,000 free photos, vectors, illustrations, and even videos! They have very high quality images and an excellent advanced search tool. All images and videos are copyright free and royalty free for personal or commercial use and attribution is not required.


morgueFile is “a public image archive for creatives by creatives.” It’s full of free photographs that you can use for any creative work, including work that’s commercial, and there are many ways to sort images when searching.


Public Domain Pictures.net

Public Domain Pictures.net is a “repository for free public domain images” that are free for both personal and commercial use. The site contains 17,000+ pictures. You can browse by category or search for what you’re looking for using the search box.



Public-Domain-Image.com has over 9,000 photographs free for personal or commercial use. Browse by category or search for a specific image.



This website says it has 5,000 free stock photos and 8,000 free cliparts. It states that “All photos on this web site are public domain. You may use these images for any purpose, including commercial.”



PhotoRack is a free stock photo site with over 27,000 images sorted into categories & subcategories. Pictures are free for both personal and commercial use.



Image*After has a large collection of free photos & textures that can be used for personal or commercial work. Browse by categories using the drop-down menus or use the search box to look for something more specific.



PhotoVaco.com offers high resolution stock photos and illustrations for both personal and commercial projects, but make sure you use the right search box or you’ll be searching the content of Shutterstock.com instead.


Totally Free Images.com

This site is full of older photographs, paintings, drawings, & maps that are in the public domain. A lot of the pictures are in black & white, but there are some that are in color.


Account Required to Download Images:


If you don’t mind signing up for an account in order to download images Stock.XCHNG is a popular free photo site that you may want to check out. It currently has over 393,000 pictures, with more being added daily.


Dreamstime’s Free Images Section

Dreamstime is a stock photo website where you can buy or sell royalty free images. In the free images section there are up to 310,000 royalty free photos available to download. An account is required to download images.


Freerange Stock

Freerange Stock provides free high resolution stock photos & textures for personal or commercial projects. Account required.



For non-commercial use only. Stockvault.net has 28,000 free images available but you must sign up for an account to download them.



RGBStock has over 60,000 images that are free for personal and commercial use. Look for images by category or using the search box. Account required.



Photl.com currently contains almost 5,000 photographs and says that 7,000-10,000 new photos are added every month. The photographs are supposed to be exclusively available on Photl.com & not circulated elsewhere. You may download up to 40 Mb of photos daily. Free photos for non-commercial use only. A small fee must be paid to use the images commercially.


Attribution Required:

Creative Commons image search

Creative Commons image search pulls results from Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, Open Clip Art Library and many others. Always be sure to check the license/requirements for each photo, but this is a great site to use to search many other sites at once.



FreePixels has 4,500 images sorted into 40 categories. Pictures are available for personal or commercial use, but some restrictions apply so be sure to check the terms of use.



Freefoto.com has over 132,000 images organized into various categories. There is a search function, and the option to purchase a license to use the picture without attribution.


Free Digital Photos.net

Free Digital Photos.net contains free stock photos and illustrations for corporate, personal and educational use. Browse by category or use the search box to find pictures. If you don’t want to publish the name of the image creator adjacent to the image, there is also the option to purchase images.




EveryStockPhoto.com is a search engine for free photos, that searches several stock & free photo website, including some of the sites listed above. The advanced search has a few different options, including one to find pictures under certain license types.


Photo Rogue

At Photo Rogue you can make a request for the specific photograph you want and their volunteer photographers will try to go and take that picture for you if they are able to. They can’t help with every request, but if you just can’t find the right photo for your project this may be the perfect place to go.


Check out the comments below for even more websites where you can find free photos!


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4 comments on “15+ Websites to Find Free Photos
  1. Yinan Chen says:

    Also check out http://www.goodfreephotos.com for unique public domain photos categorized by location.

  2. Stuart Miles says:


    I’ve made all of my own 30,000 stock pictures available for downloading at http://Blogpiks.com – free for commercial use with no backlink necessary. Please have a look.

    • Sharise says:

      Wow! That’s very generous of you! You have a great selection and very well categorized too! Thanks for sharing!

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